The Perfect Care (LP-031) Lupus Pictures

The Perfect Care (LP-031) by Lupus
Released Date: 2019


Let us ask one indiscreet question at the very beginning. Have you ever had to spend a couple of days or weeks in a hospital bed?

What does this have to do with the new film by Lupus Pictures? What in the world links hospital with spanking, girls’ bottoms and tears?

Well, try to recall your stay in hospital, and in case you’ve never experienced that, try to imagine it. You lie in bed for hours and hours. Sometimes you can’t even move, especially after a bad accident. You just lie on your back and stare at the ceiling. Your mood is changing all the time, and so are your ideas, but they are hardly pleasant. And the last thing you would think about is sex. Right?

Two nice nurses come to you, two beautiful girls. And only the view of them you have is of their tight bottoms in short skirts, their resounding voices chattering above you. You can’t help but wonder what they would look like naked…

So even though you can hardly talk because your whole head is bandaged, your melancholy switches to vivid interest. And you know what the continuation of such an interest is. And because it’s the only part of your body that isn’t bandaged, it becomes obvious, obvious even to the girls. And these girls are no princesses from fairy-tales or prudish Victorian ladies, so they know perfectly well what this is good for. And they go at it…

But suddenly the head nurse comes. She is an old witch who will spoil all the fun. What have these girls been getting up to? Of course, those bitches – they abuse the patient for their own fun! They will pay for this!

First they must take off their clothes. You like an aroused patient, so show us how you are excited and we will watch!

And now your friend is going to do it to you. Come on, you enjoy it? You shameless whore! OK, let’s shave you below and we will see what you learned in medical school. What are you doing? You forgot the disinfectant. Ouch, it hurts, doesn’t it?

Well, now you can swap with your friend. One more time… Horrible, isn’t it? So now you know, girls, what you’ve done and you know you can’t abuse the patients.

But this is not enough.

Monkey business like this should be punished. And I will teach you a lesson! So kneel on the bed and I’m going to beat your naked bottom black and blue so you will never forget it.

And you, come here as well. If you continue shouting like this, all the people in the hospital will gather here and they will see you naked and beaten for your mischief.

A nice dream, isn’t it? But dreams like this can’t come true… Can they? Buy the new movie by Lupus Pictures called “Perfect Care”. And you will see everything in detail. How often do you get to see a beating with a rubber hose? Well, now it’s time!


Size: 211 MB | Duration: 37 min | Video: 720×576 Audio: 24 KHz, 24 kbits/s



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