Ace of Spades (LP-057) Lupus Pictures

Ace of Spades (LP-057) by Lupus
Released Date: 2019


But before we get to the “customers’ cravings”, let us take a peek into the ordinary life of the colorful characters of the Prague underworld.

Take a guess at what an experienced pimp will do with one of his “sheep” when he discovers that she has not only brought little money, but that she has also hidden some of it away under her garter.

Thus, the movie Ace of Spades starts with a professionally executed belting. The girl is bent over the table right in the pub, and she gets a harsh thrashing. She doesn’t really resist; she gives up every hope; she only weeps and cries. Her naked bottom is gradually turned black and blue. Ouch, ouch.

It can’t be helped – business must go on. The pimp’s flock gets two new members. One girl has Vienna-style pretentious manners, no wonder, she worked there as a maid before she was corrupted. And the other one has a devilish look. You can tell she’s experienced and she can hold her ground. The old pimp decides to pass her to his younger fellow.

When a rather strange customer with even stranger desires asks our professional “ladies’ guard”, the good man demans a fat payment. Then he leaves him in the budoir to satisfy all his passions. Thus, the two tarts have a hard time, while the customer has fun, and so do we.

First, the girls have to exercise naked, and then…

One is forced to bend over the head of bed and tied. She is scared, but the determined man whips her naked bottom. She can cry, beg and make promises, but he has no mercy. The poor clerk turns into a beast. The naked girl curls up in pain and bitter tears.

The other girl must also face her fate. She tries to call her pimp for help, but without success – this is why he sold her…

So the tart takes what the customer gives her. Her round bottom is showered with multiple lashes, leaving angry wheals. The savage man doesn’t hear her crying; he stops only after she is completely beaten and he is exhausted…

This story shouldn’t sound strange; some might even consider it entertaining. But this is not the end.

What their fellow prostitute will do when she finds out that her friends got beaten so severely?

And what about the young pimp?

How does the story end?

You will find all the answers in our new movie Ace of Spades, which you will definitely enjoy.

Only the bartender is kind of strange…


Size: 263 MB | Duration: 28 min | Video: 352×240 Audio: 44.1 KHz, 223 kbits/s


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