Spoiled Rich Girls-KPV078 Tantrumtrainers

Spoiled Rich Girls-KPV078 by Tantrumtrainers
Released Date: 2019


3 ladies in their early twenties are kept very happy and spoiled by their parents. Unfortunately their parents were always to busy to give the girls what they really needed. Now in their early twenties they are out of control, getting into trouble, not working and just downright doing whatever they wants at anyone’s cost.Once again Katherine is home from college and her best friends are visiting and they are doing nothing, making a mess and being nasty to the head maid who is the lady in charge of the house while the Lutz’s are away.

Angela knows the young ladies all their lives and is finally going to take disciplining them into her own hands. First she spanks Katherine the Lutz’s daughter and gives her 2 suppositories While she puts them in she fingers the girls bottoms good. Right after this all the girls are spanked and made to stand in the corner. This is when Katherine’s Aunt Kelly walks in. She stops by as she usually does while her Sister and brother in law are away.

She is shocked by what she sees, but after Angela’s explanation Kelly agrees and is also tired of her niece’s behavior.Her and Angela decide these girls really need to be spanked, but good. So the girls are spanked by both ladies each taking turns, each turning one girl at a time over their knee and spanking them with the hand then a strap and last a paddle. The ladies are sorry and forgiven when all is over.


Size: 333 MB | Duration: 23 min | Video: 352×240




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