Calling Her Bluff part 3 – Aaaspanking [Triple A Spanking]

Calling Her Bluff part 3 by Aaaspanking [Triple A Spanking]
Released Date: 2019


This is a tale of what happens to naughty girls that lie to their mothers when they pretend to be ill in order to stay away from school. Ava’s sister has already got up and is waiting for the bus, but she lays in bed hoping her “illness” will fool mommy. However, she has done this before and mommy warns her if she is faking there will be consequences.

A temperature taking will determine if she has a fever: Ava opens her mouth but mommy reminds her this is a rectal thermometer… the daughter is determined to stay off school so takes up the position, presenting her pert bare bottom. The glass is cold, combined with being covered in vaseline, it feels yucky inside her tight bottom. Poor Ava… the shame of being exposed like this is overwhelming. Of course Ava fails, she is not ill at all and is told to go over her mother’s lap and she is spanked hard right there and then.

The spankings continue as her bottom reddens in shame and to properly teach this little faker a lesson, mommy uses the hairbrush found beside the bed. Ava wriggles, writhes and cries out in pain, but mommy continues to punish her girl, putting her into a firm leg lock to keep her oin place. Ava’s free arm is also pinned behind her as she struggles to try and stop the finishing mean flurry of hairbrush spanking strokes that ensures she learns her lesson. Today she will be going to school with a very sore bottom!


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