Mommy and Daddy Spank Jessica clip 02 – Mommaspankings

Mommy and Daddy Spank Jessica clip 02 by Mommaspankings
Released Date: 2019


We introduce new video top and bottom in this fabulous traditional film. Ophelia Dehaviland plays mom and Jessica Taylor co-stars. Jessica thinks she is getting away with staying out past curfew because it is only one hour late. She doesn’t expect a worried and angry mom and dad in the living room waiting for her upon her sneaking in quietly. She tries to lie her way out of a punishment, but that only infuriates her parents more.

She knows she is in for it now. Mommy drags a protesting naughty Jessica over her lap, raises her skirt and spanks her over her revealing panties. Next it is daddy’s turn to turn Jessica’s bottom an even darker shade of red. But mommy wants one more turn at her daughter’s bare bottom before standing her in the corner to think about her actions. Then it is off to bed for them all. Jessica will be sleeping on her tummy for sure so she can nurse her red swollen bottom.


Size: 538 MB | Duration: 6 min | Video: 1920×1080, 12.0 MB/s, 60.00 FPS Audio: 44.1 KHz, 299 kbits/s



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