Double Discipline for Sarah clip 03 – Mommaspankings

Double Discipline for Sarah clip 03 by Mommaspankings
Released Date: 2019


Sarah is very surprised to find her mother and her teacher both sitting in her living room. Mommy is also very surprised that her innocent, or at least she thought innocent, daughter is dressed in tight jeans and a crop top. This is not how a proper young lady dresses and that is just what Miss Fonda is there to discuss. Sarah has been leaving the house covered up, but making herself a bit more slutty and flirtatious when she arrives to school. Miss Fonda knows that Sarah’s mom takes discipline very seriously and is prepared to learn just how to keep this brat in line. Sarah is mortified that not only is mommy going to spank her, but her teacher will as well.

Sarah is spanked by mom over her tight jeans, slutty panties and then of course on the bare bottom. Next, it is her teacher’s turn to redden her bottom even further. She looks to her mother with the “puppy eyes” which don’t work this time. Mom is happy to see Miss Fonda administer a good solid spanking to her slutty daughter. After, the hand, both use the Mason & Pearson hairbrush on Sarah which stings terribly and has her squirming and kicking in pain. Sarah has learned a very valuable lesson from mom and teacher today about the proper way to dress and attitude to have about it.


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