Marley Brinx – Gimps Make Better Lovers (09.12.2019)

Gimps are the perfect sex toy as the only thoughts they are allowed to have are the ones their Owner’s give them. Gimps are given no freedom and always remain completely helpless and at the mercy of their Owner’s desires. Mistress Marley’s gimp is trapped in its rubber sleepsack prison leaving his mouth to be the only part of his body that is useful. His cock remains under a thick layer of rubber to be teased and toyed with while Mistress Marley rides his face for her pleasure. She loves owning such a docile creature who always knows his place and has no choice but to worship her tight, young holes.

Size: 893 MB | Duration: 12 min | Video: 1920×1080


Marley Brinx – Gimps Make Better Lovers, December 9, 2019_1080p.mp4


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