Detention Girls – Shes The Boss

Detention Girls – Shes The Boss

Lacy Lennon is stuck in a detention girls facility and she has been making a reputation for herself as a difficult girl. Brad Sterling is showing a new administrator, Lia, the ropes. He lets her know that Lacy can be a handful, but Lia is certain she can handle the redhead. Lacy challenges Lia to ping pong, but starts getting aggressive as she eventually tries to convince Lia that they should play strip ping pong. When Lia tries to say no to Lacy, the redhead shows her bitchy and manipulative side. Lacy intentionally throws the game so she can strip while Lia gets progressively more uncomfortable.

Size: 3.58 Gb | Duration: 30 min | Video: 1920×1080

[] – 2019.08.17 – Lacy Lennon – Shes The Boss (1080p).mp4


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